eFinance Suite

Enable payments and watch sales soar.
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Our cloud-based portal brings instant value to your organization through an easy-to-use interface for generating reports and managing your device performance.

Via our End-to-End service to connect your machines online to gain all the benefits.

Key Features of Our eFinance Suite

Improve performance with a single reporting interface.

  • Keep track of your business’ growth and stay on top of profitability, merchandising, and reordering.
  • See when devices are online or offline.
  • Assign devices to locations for viewing operational data.
  • View device signal strength to ensure optimal payment processing times.

Easily create and share business reports on actionable sales and operational data.

  • Optimize transactions, user configuration, machine and region performance, and more.
  • Track sales and payments for accurate decision making.
  • View transactions and establish full control over insights.
  • Export sales reports to preferred way.

One partner to give the ability to deploy cashless, gain access to full sales transparency, and process payments securely for your consumers.

  • Upholds PCI-DSS compliance to protect card-holder data.
  • Competitive processing rates and device management services.
  • One platform that can handle your growing business.