Turn your laundry’s coin operated machines into cashless and contactless.

Running a laundromat, like any other business, can be a challenging task. It is important to stay competitive while keeping your costs low and your revenue high. Cashless payment solutions have a proven track record of increasing sales, efficiency and reducing the risk of theft.
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We’ve got a end-to-end contactless solution to meet your requirements.

The world is going cashless, coin is not healthy today.

Easy and secure payment via the PMT Gateway, benefitting from the power of our acquirer connections. Enable payment by major cards and mobile application.

Provide more convenience to your consumers.

Eliminate the need to carry cash and coin by deploying our trusted solution for secure cashless payments — whether mobile, contactless or loyalty.

Become proactive with real-time administration portal.

Laundromat owners can also leverage on the business analysis capabilities. Take control of your account. View and search transactions, enable refunds and generate comprehensive reports.

Cost efficient integration of payment hardware into your laundry machines.

Vandalism due to theft is a common occurrence in laundromats. Cost to replace and repair these machines as well as actual loss of cash significantly impact the business. PMT offers you the best combinations to avoid hassles.