Enabling contactless & cashless is the way to parking business.

Making parking citizen-friendly with open and closed loop cashless services, and with dynamic pricing .
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Cashless pay, save your time and energy on cash withdraw daily.

The way to pay is so easy.

Closed loop (e.g. citizen card) and open loop (e.g. credit/debit card) cashless services are using same infrastructure and are fully integrated into cloud service for transaction overview and management.

Premium devices to support payment acceptance.

A wide range of premium contactless payment system from world-leading company and telemetry available for remote monitor.

Mobile and card payments for do-it-yourself checkout application.

Our range of payment solution for parking and self-service industries enable our clients to eliminate the burden of cash handling, increase operational efficiency and reduce cost of vandalism.

Customer experience can be enriched.

Make the buying journey more convenient for customers by enabling multi-channel payment method, via cards or mobile scenario. Enable customers to upsell themselves as they are no longer concerned with availability of cash.