Grow your cashless EV charging business with PMTsolutions.

Offering cashless payment services for these various service points generate couple of advantages. Due to the unmanned service points, cashless payment increase security and reduce cash recycling cost.
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Fuel new growth with an enhanced consumer experience.

Power up experience with secure cashless payments.

Improve consumer convenience and operational efficiency with one platform for cashless acceptance and business optimization.

Enable every consumer to leverage your full services.

Ensure that no consumer is turned away for not carrying cash by easily installing and securely accepting cashless payments. Unlock an immediate boost to your top line.

Know everything, even when you’re not there.

Online transaction, cash flow overview, transaction management, reconciliation service. Combined credit, debit and SEPA payment services for various acceptance.

Become proactive with real-time machine health monitoring.

Charging point operators (CPOs) can leverage on the business analysis capabilities. The system allows them to measure traffic and sales data across all machines and locations in order to optimize product pricing, and machine reporting for sales transparency.