Master the operation status anytime, anywhere.

The coming of broadband communication will bring another wave of life expectation to the world. In business, you can make decisions and operations smarter and faster. Let PMT’s solutions contribute to your smart operation.
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Everything is connected, Internet of Things (IoT) brings freedom.

Intelligent operations and Increasing production.

Streamline costly, error-prone, and labor-intensive operational checks and reporting to reduce safety risk.

Unlock efficiencies with IoT solutions.

The Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions for industries enables you to collect and analyze data from connected assets, people, and places to deliver actionable insights in an industrial environment.

Connect new and existing devices.

Connect devices across multiple protocols and standards, merge data streams, and optimize acquired data for relevancy and context.

Digital transformation through IoT solutions.

From IoT devices, sensors, actuators and gateways to the service platforms, PMT offers the tasks how to improve industrial operations, enhance enterprise workspaces, and connect devices across wide areas.